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Welcome to the DIVAZ World of STYLE
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What do you do when you’re Style and wardrobe doesn't reflect the real you, the future you

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                   Create a Newer You

 What do you do when you’re Style and wardrobe doesn't reflect the real you, the future you?

Times has changed drastically The Corona pandemic has made us look at life totally different.  All of the changes to keep us safe have made a big impact on fashion. But to me it just added more flair another sexy accessory. This is the perfect time to think about change. But what changes should I make?  Changing your way of thinking your mind set. How do you see yourself now maybe you just lost a job that made you a wear a uniform for along amount of time and you don’t know anything else but that uniform or maybe you have just been through a bad breakup with a man that might not have liked your sexy style?   What is your change? It is internal and you begin to find the need to put yourself through a reinvention process. Re-Creating a different and better you LET’S BRING OUT your Alter EGO your finally over all the things that have been holding you back from being completely you as you go through the new changes in your life?

Now the process Begins

 You came to a realization it's time for a The Divaz Stylez Closet Clean Out click this link https://www.divazstylez.com/blogs/news/divaz-stylez-services-special-offers.

Time to remove or remake Garments in your closet that no longer fits who you are today or WHO you are trying to become tomorrow sometimes. It's hard to feel fully comfortable and truly like yourself if your style doesn't match the new YOU so what do you do when you find yourself changing and want your personal style to match?

      Step#1 Create a you list
      What has changed you style wise?
      What do you won't to be noticed for, both in my physical appearance & your personality?
      What are 3 things You love most about Yourself and what you want to share with the world
What parts of your body do you love?
What part of your body do you feel needs improvement?


Step #2 Take it to the closet
now it's time to take self assessment data on your closet.

Does your clothes in your closet reflect who you are becoming in the future?

Take a hard look at the clothes you wear the most what three words would you use to describe them.

Step #3 The closet attack begins

Make 4 piles
1. Keep like
2. Remix pile
3. Giveaway pile
4. Throwaway pile but pay close attention to your throw away pile they might be jewels in disguise the fabric, color palettes, button decals, and so much more these things can be used to create whole new outfit with your favorite pieces.

Step # 4 Seek Inspiration

       How much of your wardrobe reflects who you are today
       Seek fashion inspiration from Fashion icons, favorite celebrities. Not telling you to become them but things that you may like you can add a little of that to a little of you and BAMM! You found you with an edge.  You think have similar personalities so you can jump right into creating a new you go to Pinterest find clippings from fashion magazines. Whatever sparks a wow Diva Moment that is you.
       1. Create your vision Fashion Board use cutouts and pin-up all images that feel like you.
       2. After creating your collection review your images
       3. Now you can use your style profile information in your images to build that new you creating a look book for the future.

Don’t be scared to try something new


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