Welcome to the DIVAZ World of STYLE
Welcome to the DIVAZ World of STYLE
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How To get a A Fashionable Wardrobe Under a Tight Budget while still being Sassy and Classy

 A lack of funds it is hard for the fashionista at times, but that doesn't mean you can't look good at the same time. So for those of you under a really tight budget, this article will help you with shopping and styling tips. Let us Show You How www.divazstylez.com can fit your Budget and your Taste.

 Assessing what you already have!

Take advantage of  Divaz Stylez Closet Clean-out Service 

 Sort your wardrobe. Make a list of the clothing already owned. Combine all exceptional outfits to come up with new looks.

  • Match existing casual outfits and mix with jackets, enabling these to be worn to work as well as to an event.
  • Jeans and a t-shirt are sufficient for errands and housework. BUT
  • Jeans with heels or elegant shoes suddenly A leather jacket or a glitzy shirt and your ready for a night on the town

All of this from your own Closet

Divaz Style Closet Wardrobe Challenge

.Create 3 different outfits for evening wear using existing clothes.

.Create 3 different outfits for casual wear using unique combinations of ur own clothes

 Challenge yourself to doing this, see what you all ready have .

Try making your own items Don’t Get Scared it’s not hard at all

Repurpose your clothes that are: 

.just a little too small.

.Turn oversized Tee-shirts into dresses, 2pc sets or bathing suits

. Improve how they look by adding embellishments,

. making them fit better by adding more material,

.shorten it a bit  or removing sleeves or legs from them.

.If you have the time and skill, make some new accessories from materials already owned. 

Save your money keep it in the bag by doing these things:

 .Compare prices. Do Your Research online before shopping at a mall, because nine times out of ten you will find it cheaper on www.divazstylez.com with styling tools that will help you create a newer you. Create your own style at reasonable prices.

Watch for sales. Buy things that are out of season (not necessarily out of fashion). They will be cheaper. Look for timeless pieces that can be matched with some of the staples you already have in your Diva Closet.

Buy plain clothing. Not only is it simple and can be divarized up, they are more affordable but it will be easy to pair up with some of your favorite items you already own with ease. Additionally, buy some cool scarves and belts that can be worn with anything, to dress up plainer clothing.

Buy neutral, casual shoes. Choose black or brown with a slight heel, the best thing about neutral and casual shoe is the fact that you can funk them up with custom shoe cuffs and cover that are coming soon to www.divazstylez.com 

Purchasing Essentials

Aim for comfort. When you feel good, you will look good too. Feel like the queen that you are.

Limit jewelry. never over accessorize sometime less is more earrings or a necklace. Bracelets may not always be needed.

  • Look for durability. Double check a clearance price
  • Buy what suits you and not the latest fashion.
  • Buy the right size. Clothes should glide over your body. Try a larger size. Generally, we all increase in size as we age.
  • Experiment with colors

Find at least one jacket. This totally depends on you, as there are different jackets that suit different people. So, if you wear tunics or dresses and you want to go for a classic look, then a "boyfriend blazer" would suit you.

  • Alternatively, shop for a faux leather jacket. Black would be the best option for color, it suits everything. This will add a DIVAZ  edge that can be dressed up or down. that little black jacket is the key to a balanced wardrobe. 

Get tops.

  • If you wear tee shirts, choose plain but good quality ones
  • Find one piece of nice knitwear. Long cardigans are very nice.
    • These look great teamed up with a simple t-shirt or tunic/dress.
    • Buy outfits. Buy formal wear that coordinates well with less informal items in your wardrobe.

      • Buy a matching top and skirt.
      • Buy a matching top and sweater
      • Buy a matching vest and pants
    • with these combination your style creativity becomes limitless. you can create different looks everyday.

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