Welcome to the DIVAZ World of STYLE
Welcome to the DIVAZ World of STYLE
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Figure out your Diva Style

Figure out your Diva Style

Your Diva Style is what expresses who you are to the world. In developing your Alter Ego a sense of style, stepping into your alternative self it’s important to know what you are trying to achieve in your new image. Do detailed research by gathering pictures of your favorite artists, movie stars, influencers and reputable fashion sources to compile fashion style data to create your unique style. But always be true to yourself, and do what feels and looks good to you. Then, you will have developed your own Divaz Style.


Do a current wardrobe audit. 

Let’s dig out your favorite pieces lay them out on a flat surface. Select the garments that you like or wear often. Look at all the possible combinations of clothing, and see if you gravitate towards a certain style (such as Diva chic, Biker diva, bohemian Chic, rock Star, vintage, geek or classic Bougie, etc.). Write down which pieces are your favorite, and why. Once you have figured  this out, you can start looking for garments that have similar characteristics. For each individual Garment, you should write these things down the:

  • Fit: How does the garment complement your body? Is it flattering or non- flattering. Does the piece enhance or take away from your body shape
  • Texture: Do you like how the fabrics feel on your skin? Is it soft or irritating? Are there sequins, rhinestones, or other embellishments that makes the piece a wow factor? CAN IT BE REMIXXED
  • Color: Is it a neutral colors, or darker colors black, navy, khaki, or white? Is it the color that makes you feel good, remember your favorite colors and how they make you feel.
  • Print: is the patterns flattering to your shape Is it patterned or solid? Are the stripes vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or a mix? Is there a flower or animal print? Are there blocks of color? Try these things on blocked with solid color. NOTE: do not pair with other prints. Sometimes you can but that will be for another blog lol


Diva how do you want to come across to others?

Think about the impression you want to leave on others. Let’s say perhaps you want to appear Sexy but professional. Maybe you want to be called sophisticated with an edge. You might even want to look intelligent and irresistible. Write these style categories down in a list, and then think about your Diva style choices this can help you fulfill these terms.


Find Your Fashion Ego Vibe. There are many different categories of fashion that can help you refine your search for that perfect style. You may find that you may just fall under 1 or maybe 2 Fashion Ego Vibes or they may be many that fit your personality. Some vibes include:

  • Classic vibe: you may have a boss Diva Style. You may prefer neutral colors with minimal wow factor. Your clothing may be described as professional.
  • Trendy vibe: you may like to follow the latest trends that artist and celebrities are wearing, and your clothing changes based on what's popular on the red carpet. Designer only
  • Amorous vibe: if you're a woman with high sex appeal, you may prefer flowing or ruffled pieces. If really sensual and out of this world sexy and vintage attire.
  • Bohemian vibe: you may like baggie clothing with distinctive patterns such as paisley, Plaid or tie-dye. Your clothing may appear rustic or outdoorsy. You might consider yourself a nature lover.
  • Sporty vibe: You may prefer to wear active wear as your casual clothing. You may wear tennis shoes around town, and you may enjoy outdoor activities.


Evaluate your Diva lifestyle. Think about the different types of garment you need for various situations in your life.  Write down all of your social and professional event dates, Think about how need to stand out at each event or situations in your everyday life.

  • How do you dress for work?
  • How do you dress to handle diva Runs?
  • What types of activities do you do with Divaz? How do you dress for these type of outings?
  • What types of special events (such as Red Carpet events, weddings) are you invited to? What do you wear there?


Set fashion goals. Diva after you have dug deep, and you figured out what you like about your wardrobe, think about what you don’t like. See what is missing in your style and let’s fill in the pieces. Do you feel limited by your selection of colors? Are you not sure if any of your clothes fit you properly? Now that you have decided, jot down a list of fashion goals that solve these problems. Here are some creative Diva ideas:

  • “I will find garments that compliment my sexy diva Curves.”
  • “I will buy more embellished jackets and clothing that I can layer with other garments.”
  • “I will find more accessories that are statement pieces I can mix and match.”
  • “I will increase my shoe selection enhancing my colors and stylez.”
  • “I will start wearing bright bolder colors.”


Now you have Fond Your Divaz Stylez

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