Welcome to the DIVAZ World of STYLE
Welcome to the DIVAZ World of STYLE
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Welcome to the world of Divaz Stylez

Entertainment Fashion styling



This sight is not just a shopping. adventure it is a networking adventure. 


The vision and direction of Divaz Stylez and Artistic Expression is moving towards the area of empowering women and youth within all areas of fashion, entertainment and business. Behind the scenes and in the spotlight helping them become entrepreneurs of their skills and talents we are strong divaz in leadership positions setting our own trends bringing something unique and different to the fashion & entertainment world. This boutique is the beginning of Divaz Stylez giving back by styling & dressing one beautiful Diva at a time. 

We follow our own standards & rules
We call this the Take Over


Our mission is to uplift all artists in the community (Fashion designers, Jewelry Designers, local book author’s, painters, singers, rappers, actors and more) giving artist a beginning platform to market, promote and sell their craft to the community, we will build conscious minds as well as their self-esteem helping man woman and child feel confident in their craft as well as who they are and who they want to become. We will become the first step to becoming an entrepreneur, Learning how to use your God giving talents and making them your career.

We are More than just a Brand 

Fashion, Empowerment & Entertainment!!!


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